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About Us


Paul Donoghue

Paul was raised in a Catholic Church but felt the Church left him when he came out. After many years of searching he found a home at The Church of the Holy Spirit where his two children have been baptised, and where he is a member of the PCC. Paul works in advertising.


Nathan Woodling

Nathan's early life was spent moving among different parts of the USA, where he found church homes in a variety of denominations with different levels of welcome towards LGBT+ people. Since moving to London in 2013, Nathan has been blessed to find a church that welcomes and embraces both him and his husband. In his daily life outside of church, Nathan works as a scientist investigating the genes that contribute to brain ageing and Alzheimer's disease.

Helen Harknett

Helen is a newly ordained priest, based at St John the Divine, Kennington, having served her curacy at Holy Spirit, Clapham. She is excited about the Church’s capacity for good and transformation in the world, and is ever hopeful that it might continue to strive to be a voice of Good News for all of God’s children. 


Ruth Burge-Thomas

The priest at Church of the Holy Spirit, Ruth has always sought to lead a community-focused church that responds to the needs of its parishioners. Ruth saw that there is a huge desire and need for an inclusive church that gives LGBT a safe space to encounter and explore God in Clapham, and seeks to continue to develop this with Welcoming Church.

Rachel Varughese

An American, Rachel first came to the UK as a student to study contemporary English Literature. She has a strong heart for those excluded from church and says that "my faith is tied up in their faith; I can't feel welcome somewhere that everyone isn't welcome." 


Sam Travis

Originally from Manchester, Sam first started to question the Church's message to LGBT+ people while studying Theology. After attending Rachel Mann's church for 2 years in Burnage he became inspired to find an inclusive congregation when he moved to London, and before he knew it he was helping to found this group! Sam works as a physiotherapist in the NHS.

Rachael Burke

Rachael has been a member of Holy Spirit Clapham for 4 years and is delighted to be part of a church that is passionate about ensuring everyone is included.  She is originally from Northern Ireland and misses being near the sea.  She is an NHS doctor and cares deeply about health in marginalised and poor populations.

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Richard Lloyd Morgan

Richard is the former Chaplain of King’s College, Cambridge, having been an opera singer for thirty years, and has now retired back to Clapham.

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